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Peeking Behind the Curtain: Food and Marketing Industry Research Supporting Digital Media Marketing to Children and Adolescents

This report describes and provides examples of the types of digital marketing research utilized by the food and beverage industry and the potential effects it has on the health of children and adolescents. Researchers found that food and beverage industry, together with the companies they contract, are conducting three major types of research: 1) testing More

Date: May 2011

Resource Type: Report

Focus Areas: Food Marketing

Studying Food and Marketing Industry Research Behind Digital Media Marketing to Children and Adolescents

As digital media become ever more present in children’s lives, public health researchers and policy-makers need to understand how the new marketing ecosystem infiltrates and influences consumers. Yet specialized, commercially-sponsored digital marketing research remains obscured from public view because much of it occurs outside the academy. This study will make highly accessible and visible an More

Date: November 2009

Resource Type: Grant Summary

Focus Areas: Food Marketing