Childhood obesity is one of the most urgent health challenges of our time. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is committed to reversing the childhood obesity epidemic and helping all children in the United States ― no matter who they are or where they live ― grow up a healthy weight.

The Foundation’s strategy is to change public policies, community environments, and corporate practices in ways that make children and families healthier, with a particular focus on increasing access to healthy, affordable foods and opportunities for physical activity.

RWJF places special emphasis on reaching children who are at greatest risk for obesity or have limited access to healthy foods and safe places to play: Black, Latino, American Indian, and Asian/Pacific Islander children, and children living in urban and rural lower-income areas.

In its work to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic, RWJF focuses on the following priorities:

  • Ensure that all children enter kindergarten at a healthy weight.
  • Make a healthy school environment the norm and not the exception across the United States.
  • Make physical activity a part of the everyday experience for children and youth.
  • Make healthy foods and beverages the affordable, available, and desired choice in all neighborhoods and communities.
  • Eliminate the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages among 0-5 year olds.

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