Steven Gortmaker, PhD is Professor of the Practice of Health Sociology at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health where he directs the Harvard Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity (HPRC). The mission of the HPRC is to work with communities, state and local government, and other partners to develop, implement, and evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions to improve nutrition and physical activity and reduce obesity and chronic disease risk among children, youth, and their families, to translate and disseminate this work at local and national levels, and to reduce and eliminate disparities in these outcomes. Recent work includes the CHOICES project, focused on understanding and modeling the cost-effectiveness of interventions that can improve children’s nutrition and physical activity and reduce the prevalence of obesity. Work includes evidence reviews, collecting new data, and simulation modeling of the cost-effectiveness of a wide variety of interventions in multiple settings, including community interventions, state and city policies and school-based strategies. The CHOICES team has been working with 11 different state and city health departments and stakeholder groups in translating this research into action. Results are providing decisionmakers with both methods and data to use in deciding on “best value for money” interventions to reduce obesity prevalence in children and adults in the US. Steven has been an author of more than 240 studies, including recent CHOICES papers in Health Affairs, Preventive Medicine and the New England Journal of Medicine.