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U.S. Latinos are a dynamic and culturally diverse people, with a multi-faceted heritage and history that spans well beyond our borders. Already the largest racial/ethnic minority group in the United States, they also are expected to comprise nearly one-third of the nation’s population in just a few more years.

Yet, Latinos face a variety of health disparities, such as high rates of diabetes and obesity, disproportionate COVID-19 case and death rates, and worse outcomes for several types of cancer. This stems from a variety of inequities in the social determinants of health, including racial/ethnic discrimination, as well as inadequate access to housing, transportation, income, and healthcare. Discrimination, in the form of implicit bias, system justification, moral disengagement, is particularly injurious to the health and well-being of the Latino population. All of this could end up jeopardizing the future health of the nation. That is, unless we do something about it.

Presenters in this webinar will examine the history and diversity of the Latino population in the United States. They will explore the widening socioeconomic gap and the mechanisms by which people discriminate, which contribute to the inequitable distribution of healthcare, resources, and mental and physical health disparities among Latinos. They will also share potential solutions and future directions in individual, collective, research, and other action to help achieve a cohesive culture focused on health equity, where everyone works individually and as a group to ensure each person has a fair and just opportunity for health and wealth.

With presentations by:

  • Dr. Amelie G. Ramirez, director of Salud America!, professor and chair of Population Health Sciences at UT Health San Antonio
  • Cliff Despres, BJ, communications director, Salud America!, UT Health San Antonio
  • Rosalie Aguilar, MPH, project coordinator, Salud America!, UT Health San Antonio

Moderated by Dr. Amelie Ramirez, director of Salud America!