Published: September 2017

ID #: 73391

Journal: Prev Med

Authors: Gonzalez-Nahm S, Grossman E, Frost N, Benajmin-Neelon S

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This study updates a previous review, conducted in 2012, assessing the extent to which state child care regulations support a woman’s ability to continue to breastfeed her infant in child care. For this study, child care regulations were reviewed related to breastfeeding for centers and homes in all 50 states and the District of Colombia and compared to five national standards. The results of this study report that no state met all five national standards, with two states for centers and one state for homes partially meeting four of the five. Geographically, Southern states had the greatest number of regulations consistent with standards while Western states had the fewest. The study concluded that state child care regulation in support of breastfeeding is insufficient and states should improve child care regulations to include greater support of breastfeeding in child care facilities.

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