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The New Threat of Digital Marketing

This article provides an overview of the growing digital media and marketing landscape, focusing on four developments that are shaping marketing strategies and techniques: 1) the growth of interactive games and increasing sophistication of augmented realities and other immersive features of digital media; 2) the rapid explosion of social media and the emergence of marketing More

Date: June 2012

Resource Type: Journal Article

Focus Areas: Food Marketing

Defining Priorities and Optimal Research Designs for Studying the Impact of Digital Food Marketing on Adolescents

Few studies have examined adolescent exposure to food marketing. This research gap is compounded by the dearth of academic studies of digital food marketing, especially regarding adolescents, who are exposed to increased food and beverage marketing on the Internet, cell phones and other digital platforms. Recent developments at the federal level reflect growing concerns that More

Date: November 2010

Resource Type: Grant Summary

Focus Areas: Food Marketing