Few studies have examined adolescent exposure to food marketing. This research gap is compounded by the dearth of academic studies of digital food marketing, especially regarding adolescents, who are exposed to increased food and beverage marketing on the Internet, cell phones and other digital platforms. Recent developments at the federal level reflect growing concerns that adolescents must be included in regulatory and self-regulatory policies. Research is urgently needed to guide policies. The aims of this project are to: 1) establish an interdisciplinary network of scholars to focus on the unique research issues related to digital food marketing to multicultural adolescents; and 2) identify methods and metrics used to capture the ways in which adolescents interact with and respond to digital media. In addition to the interdisciplinary network, the project will also yield a research agenda focused specifically on adolescents, including recommended methods and detail on new metrics of youth engagement with digital media that can be adapted for further academic research.