The objective of this study was to examine the impact front-of-package nutrition labels (FOPLs) have on decision-making abilities among low-income parents in a virtual supermarket. A 4-by-2 experimental design with 3 FOPLs (summary, nutrient-specific, hybrid) and a no-FOPL comparison was employed. The study took place using a web-based, 3-dimensional virtual supermarket. Parents (n = 1,452) from low-income households with at least 1 child aged 4−12 years participated. The study found that all FOPLs led to healthier nutrient profiles than the no-FOPL condition. Simple FOPLs (ie, summary, hybrid) led to healthier nutrient profiles than nutrient-specific FOPLs. Among parents exposed to simple FOPLs, those under time pressure made less healthy choices than those who were not under time pressure.