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Simulation Models of Obesity: A Review of the Literature and Implications for Research and Policy

The article presents an overview of existing simulation models (SMs) for obesity, discusses their strengths and weaknesses and suggests directions for future research. The authors conclude that SMs can serve as a summary of knowledge and a structure for improving knowledge and understanding of the complex factors contributing to obesity.

Date: May 2011

Resource Type: Journal Article

Focus Areas: Healthy Communities

Developing a Computer Model of School Food Policies That Will Simulate Their Effects on Youth Overweight and Obesity Rates

The key objective of this project is to develop a computer simulation model of school food policies that will simulate their effects on youth overweight and obesity rates. This computer model also will provide a user-friendly synthesis of current research, which will provide an accessible means by which practitioners, schools, and other stakeholders might develop More

Date: September 2007

Resource Type: Grant Summary

Focus Areas: School & After School