Policies that restrict bottled water sales for environmental and sustainability purposes, and policies that increase access to bottled water to reduce sugary drink access, may be working at cross-purposes to the detriment of the environment and the public’s health. This study will explore policies that restrict the use of bottled water and describe opportunities presented by harnessing sustainability concerns to reduce sugary drink consumption among children and youth. Specific aims of the study are to: 1) document and compare the issue categorizations, policy rationales, and policy elements of proposed and enacted limits on bottled water use and sugary drinks interventions; and 2) synthesize elements of packaged beverage policies into a unified approach to bridge the environmental and human health aspirations of bottled water and sugary drinks policies. A content analysis of local policies to restrict bottled water use and healthy beverage policies for community settings that serve children and youth will be conducted. Results will be analyzed with a focus on whether and how human health concerns from sugary drink consumption are addressed in bottled water policies, and how sustainability issues are addressed, if at all, in healthy beverage policies.