The purpose of this project is to understand how advocates, the food industry, policymakers, and others have shaped discussions about school nutrition at the state and local level since the passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA) by systematically examining news coverage and legislative documents from selected states. The study will specifically examine: 1) How are debates about school meal and competitive food guidelines framed at the state and local level? 2) Who speaks about the guidelines and what do they say? 3) How does the conversation differ between states? and 4) How do arguments and framing differ, if at all, between the news and legislative testimony? The study will examine the range of debates and implementation strategies in key states, conduct a content analysis of state-level news coverage about school meal and competitive food guidelines since the passage of HHFKA, collect and evaluate legislative data from these debates, and compare these analyses to highlight implications and lessons learned for advocates.