This study examined the impact of front-of-package (FOP) labels and in-aisle signage identifying and explaining those labels on the healthfulness of foods selected by consumers. 153 parent/child pairs completed the study in a laboratory grocery aisle. Participants were randomly assigned to one of five conditions: (i) Facts up Front labels with in-aisle signs explaining the labels; (ii) Facts up Front labels, no signage; (iii) Color-coded Multiple Traffic Light labels with in-aisle signage; (iv) Multiple Traffic Light labels, no signage; or (v) control group, no labels or signage. Saturated fat, sodium, sugar, and calorie content of foods selected by consumers were compared across conditions. Researchers found that neither the Facts up Front nor Multiple Traffic Light labels led to food choices with significantly lower saturated fat, sodium, or sugar. In-aisle signs explaining the labels were somewhat helpful to consumers in making more healthful decisions.