In New York City, a new policy now being implemented mandates city-wide calorie labeling posted on the menu boards of all fast-food restaurants. In assessing this policy, this study has two specific aims: (1) to determine the influence of such calorie labeling on individual food choice and (2) to establish why this calorie labeling does or does not influence food choice. Data will be evaluated as part of a pre-post study design with a control city (Newark, NJ). Approximately one month before and after labeling was introduced, data were collected via an on-the-ground receipt collection and survey outside of fast-food restaurants, resulting in approximately 1,400 total responses. The primary outcome of interest in this research is the change in calories consumed; also important is the proportion of individuals in the sample who report that they observed and utilized the calorie labels. In addition to the common dissemination channels of academic papers and conferences, investigators will also reach out to policymakers in the more than 20 cities and states are actively considering or have passed this initiative into law.