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The Rationale Behind Small Food Store Interventions in Low-Income Urban Neighborhoods: Insights from New Orleans

This paper explores the rationale behind small store interventions by pulling together various studies in health, planning, and marketing literature and pilot work conducted in New Orleans. The authors discuss store and food availability in lower-income neighborhoods and how changing the foods available in stores can affect purchasing behavior, diet and the economics of local More

Date: June 2010

Resource Type: Journal Article

Focus Areas: Food Access Food Marketing Food Retail Pricing & Economics

Analyzing the Financial Impact of Selling Healthy Versus Unhealthy Foods on a Small Store in a Low-Income Neighborhood

To better understand how to improve healthy food access in low-income neighborhoods, the aim of this study is to examine financial incentives around selling specific types of food. Specifically, this research will: (a) analyze the financial benefits of selling healthy and unhealthy food items from the perspective of a small food store business in a More

Date: September 2008

Resource Type: Grant Summary

Focus Areas: Food Access Food Marketing Pricing & Economics