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Food Marketing Targeting Youth and Families: What Do We Know About Stores Where Moms Actually Shop?

This article examines the amount and type of food and beverage product packaging-related marketing observed in retail food stores where mothers of young children in the cities of Champaign and Urbana, Ill., said they commonly shop. It assesses differences between marketing practices by store type, store acceptance of Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and More

Date: August 2013

Resource Type: Journal Article

Focus Areas: Food Access Food Marketing Food Retail

Observations of Marketing on Food Packaging Targeted to Youth in Retail Food Stores

This paper examines the extent to which foods and beverages marketed to youth on the internet and television are available and marketed in retail food stores. Researchers assessed food marketing strategies in convenience/corner and grocery stores and found that 82% of stores assessed carried items marketed to youth on television or the internet. The items More

Date: September 2011

Resource Type: Journal Article

Focus Areas: Food Marketing

Examining Food Marketing and Promotion to Children in the Retail Food Store Environment

Food marketing and advertising may be important determinants of childhood obesity. However, empirical attention has focused on television as a vehicle of marketing to children in the home, with limited attention to the broader nutrition environment in which families are embedded. This study will address this gap in the literature by evaluating food marketing targeted More

Date: November 2009

Resource Type: Grant Summary

Focus Areas: Food Marketing Food Retail