Start Date: October 2010

ID #: CAS001

Project Lead: Joel Gittelsohn, PhD, MS

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The Healthy Eating Research (HER) Corner Store working group, comprised of HER grantees conducting research in this topic area, undertook a research project that builds on existing projects in multiple communities around the United States. Each of the eight participating sites in seven states produced in-depth interviews with small store owners and managers. The interviews were comprised of both open-ended (qualitative) and structured (quantitative) questions. The focus of these interviews was on the experiences, challenges, and facilitating factors, as the small store owners/managers adapted to 2009 changes in the USDA’s Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program food package. The interviews were conducted in English, Spanish, and Korean, and were recorded and transcribed. Responses to structured questions were entered by each site using a common entry scheme, and key investigators from each site developed a common coding scheme for the qualitative data. Analyses were directed at understanding, within specific ethnic and cultural context, the challenges and supporting factors for complying with the new WIC food package. Investigators also developed illustrative case studies.

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September 2012

Small Retailer Perspectives of the 2009 Women, Infants and Children Program Food Package Changes

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