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WIC Remote Services and Expanded Food Options: Insights from Washington’s COVID-19 Response

This study aimed to assess programmatic changes made by the Washington State WIC program to offer remote services and more flexible food options, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Twelve focus groups with 52 WIC staff (10 state, 42 local) were conducted in Dec 2020 to Feb 2021, and interviews were conducted with 40 WIC More

Date: December 2021

Resource Type: Infographic

Focus Areas: Nutrition Policy & Programs

7 Key Findings on The Benefits of Healthy School Meals for All

Schools play a vital role in promoting children’s health and well-being. In the United States, schools contribute significantly to children’s overall diet quality and can provide up to half of their daily calories, especially among children from low-income families. Providing healthy school meals for all is a policy opportunity to help all children eat healthier. More

Date: June 2021

Resource Type: Infographic

Focus Areas: School & After School

WIC Online Grocery Ordering: A Click & Collect Model

For WIC participants, COVID-19 added additional barriers to an already challenging shopping experience. For WIC agencies, WIC vendors, and other stakeholders interested in improving access to WIC foods, this infographic describes a model for online grocery ordering that meets current federal regulations and makes it easier for program participants to redeem WIC benefits, during COVID-19 More

Date: February 2021

Resource Type: Infographic

Focus Areas: Nutrition Policy & Programs

Infographic: Responsible Food Marketing to Children

The marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages to children and youth contributes to poor diet quality, high calorie intake, and excess weight gain. This infographic portrays the reach and impact of marketing unhealthy foods and beverages to children and the need for more responsible food marketing to children. Comprehensive guidelines for responsible food marketing to More

Date: January 2015

Resource Type: Infographic

Focus Areas: Food Marketing School & After School

Easy-to-Understand Calorie Information Reduces Sugary Drink Purchases Among Teens

Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) are an important contributor to adolescent obesity. One promising environmental strategy to reduce consumption of SSBs is to provide consumers with easily understandable caloric information. This infographic examines the effect of in-store calorie signage on adolescent sugary drink purchases. Findings presented in this infographic come from a related HER-funded journal article.

Date: October 2014

Resource Type: Infographic

Focus Areas: Beverages

Fast-Food TV Advertising Aimed At Kids

Fast-food companies emphasize toy giveaways and movie tie-ins when marketing to kids on television, which suggests the industry is not abiding by its own pledges regarding child-directed marketing. Learn more about fast-food marketing and share the infographic below with others.

Date: August 2013

Resource Type: Infographic

Focus Areas: Food Marketing